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Master SERP+ Programme - cohort 2020-2025

Nanoparticles and Advanced radiation therapies (6 ECTS)

  • Part 1. Basics of medical beams interaction with biological matter

High energy photons versus High energy ions (protons, helium, carbon), Energy, dose, dose rate - LET, Latest medical source developments (Iba), Advanced radiation therapies (gamma knife, IMRT, particle therapy, pencil beam, microbeams + basics of medical imaging), Oxidative stress, Amplification versus scavenging effects : OER, DMSO, Biological impact RBE & Principles of radio-enhancement by NPs (case of metallic NPs)

  • Part 2. Nanodosimetry

Advanced techniques of dosimetry and nanodosimetry, Fricke Dosimetry, Dosimetry for radiotherapy

  • Part 3. Ongoing research with nanoparticles to improve radiation therapies– theranostics  

Invited speakers

  • Part 4. Social and ethic aspects of nanoparticles for medical application
  • Lab trainings

Synthesis of radio-enhancing nanoagents, Amplification by nano-agents of radiation induced biological damage, Nanodosimetry, Team work on social aspects



Recommended Books




Teaching Staff

Sandrine Lacombe
Erika Porcel
Delphine Berdah


Lectures: 31.5h
Lab training: 8h