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Course catalogue

Create your own master’s programme by choosing between the different specializations of our partner universities.

Master SERP+ Programme - cohort 2020-2025

Transferable skills (5 ECTS)


French courses: Developing the four language skills in order to be able to communicate with the French: oral and written understanding and oral and written expressions; practical aspects of language in the multimedia room semi self-guided.

Summer school: Economy Management, Innovation and Valorisation, Personal Professionnal Projet, Communication, NTIC, Patent Law, Seminars of industrials (more information at www.sosmse.eu)


Language Course: The student will acquire the basic knowledge in the national language and a glimpse at national culture and heritage of the hosting country.

Summer school: Deals with the necessity to fill the gap between the scientific and technical knowledge acquired by the students at the University and the requests they will have to face in their work career either in academic institutions or industry: in other words with the necessity to develop entrepreneurship.

Grading System

French (60%) + Summer school and outreach (40%)