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Master SERP+ Programme - cohort 2020-2025

Organic Photochemistry (3 ECTS)


The course gives an introduction to the basic principles of the interaction between light and matter. Emphasis will be given to organic molecule transformations, through photoinduced reactions and through the use of photocatalysts. Practical and technical aspects on the set-up of a photochemical reaction in batch and under flow conditions will be also discussed. The aims of the course will be fulfilled through traditional lectures and innovative approaches, including the use of databases for literature searching, flipped classroom, interactive activities (i.e. visit to a photochemistry lab)

  • Interaction of light and matter: general aspects, photophysics and photochemistry
  • Photochemistry: historical background
  • Photoinduced vs. photocatalyzed reactions
  • Photoredox reactions and photocatalysts
  • Light sources
  • Photochemistry in batch and under continuous flow conditions

Course objectives: at the end of this course the students will understand how light can interact with organic molecules and what the possible outcomes are. The students will be able to:

  • distinguish between a photoinduced reaction and a photocatalyzed process
  • understand pros and cons of the use of various light sources
  • design a photochemical process both in batch and under flow conditions
  • critically analyze a scientific report

Methodologies: traditional lectures and innovative approaches, including:

  • the use of databases for literature searching
  • flipped classroom
  • interactive activities

Basic knowledge of organic chemistry reactivity


Teaching Staff

Prof. Andrea Basso


Traditional lectures: 10 hours
Innovative approaches: 14 hours divided as follow:

  • Interactive literature search: 4 hours
  • Practical activities: 2 hours
  • Flipped Classroom: 8 hours
Grading System

Literature search and oral presentation 30%
Final examination 70%